Artificial Insemination

Cryoseal are used to store frozen cattle semen doses for a long time. The semen doses are filled into straws and these straws are put in side the Canisters. Finally, Canisters are placed inside the Cryoseal which is filled up with liquid nitrogen. The canisters are placed fully immersed in the liquid nitrogen. As temperature of liquid nitrogen is -196º Celsius, such ultra low (cryogenic) temperature preserve the quality of semen for a long time.

Artificial Insemination is normally carried out by Government Departments, Cattle Breeders, Animal breeders and various research organizations

Our Cryoseal can also be used to store human semen and semen of other breeds.



In laboratoris our Cryoseal find applications to store valuable biological specimen such as blood samples, tissue culture cells etc.

Our models IDS-1, IX-2, IR-3, IR-7, IR-10, IX-20, IX-35, IX-47 are useful in Artificial Insemination and Laboratory applications


Industry Use

Cryoseal are used in industry to fulfill small requirements of liquid nitrogen of various Industries.

Our Transport Models IN-30 and IN-50 are useful in such applications