Cryo Containers NZ Ltd is a supplier of Liquid Nitrogen Containers based in Auckland, New Zealand.

Through our relationships with various partner companies internationally, we import and supply cryogenic containers in various sizes. One of our leading partner companies is “Inox India”, manufacturer of Liquid Nitrogen Cryogenic Tanks and Containers in India.

INOX India Limited, is an ISO 9001 and OHSAS-18001 Cryogenic Engineering Company focused on Cryogenic insulation technology equipment and systems.The company is the largest manufacturer of Cryogenic liquid storage and transport tanks in India and a reputed supplier to leading international Gas Companies worldwide like Air Liquide, Air Products, Linde, Messer, Taiyo Nippon Sanso , Praxair. Our impressive list of satisfied customers all over the world stands testimony to our quality of products.


  • One of the largest manufacturers of cryogenic containers in the world
  • 15 years of experience with around 100,000 containers in the field
  • CRYOSEALS come with convenient holding times and capacities
  • Rugged & reliable solution, efficient and economical in operation with long life
  • Leading global supplier of full range of cryogenic storage and distribution equipment

'CRYOSEAL’ range of aluminium dewars

  • Medical & Biological storage, Animal husbandry, Fertility
  • Liquid nitrogen transportation, Industrial & Scientific applications
  • Special insulation materials and cryogenic neck ensures long field working time
  • Extremely low evaporation losses
  • High strength aluminium alloy provides lighter weight & sturdy 'CRYOSEAL’

What is a CRYOSEAL ?
An assembly of two Aluminum Alloy Vessels between which insulation is created by high degree of evacuation and superinsulation.

What is function of CRYOSEAL ?
To maintain Cryogenic temperature (-196 º Celsius) inside the Inner Vessel.

What are the Applications of CRYOSEAL ?
Primarily used in Artificial Insemination to preserve cattle semen doses.
Used in Laboratories to preserve valuable biological specimen such as skin and human tissues, vaccines, blood cells etc.
To store liquid nitrogen in Industry Application.

What medium is used to keep -196 º Celsius temperature inside the CRYOSEAL ? Why ?
Liquid Nitrogen. This gas is an inert gas and creates no chemical reaction with anything that is stored in it. Hence it is best medium to store biological samples. The boiling temperature of this gas is -196 º Celsius.

At what pressure CRYOSEAL operates ?
Atmospheric Pressure.